Aug 25, 2009

The rebirth of

Salam all~

If you notice that, the layout of this blog had been changed. For me, this template looks nice. With this new template, I reach the second stage of my target in blogging. Well, to be frank, I am not really serious in my first stage of blogging. Why? Because in the first stage:-

  • I just want to own a blog like otherssengihnampakgigi
  • The content? Just copy-paste lah! I am quite lazy to write my own articles or at least modified it
  • Money x3 (Adsense laa)
  • Writing/copying articles in English because of Adsense! Also because to get traffic from others country ( They wont understand any word if I write in Malay)
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So, in the second stage, my target is:-

  • Ensure that the ratio between writing an article and copy-paste article = 1:1 ( I will really write article is possible)
  • Ensure that the ratio between Malay and English article = 1:1 ( I still need to get the traffic from outside - If I am lazy to write articles, I will just upload some wallpapers)
  • For ads, I will use Nuffnang ( I will put my adsense on other blog)

If you read my blog, you will notice that I write about random topic and there are very little post about myself ( eg: my daily life) Why?encem because for me, the blog is not a personal diary, but it is a place where I can express my opinion or a place where I can share something that is useful with others. But who knows in my next step of blogging, I will write about my daily life. Well I see, there are many bloggers among form 5 students in SHAMS, and there are also two classes that have their own class blogs. There are:-

5A1?sedih Hahahaha!! To late I think to set up a blog, but who knows. And actually I have an idea that come across my mind. Why dont we set up a batch blog so that we can still contact each other eventhough after SPM examination. Well, it's just an idea. Actually, I got this idea last year after visiting Batch Sebelas of SMIH's blog. At that time, I didnt voice out my idea as there are not so may bloggers among Form 5 students in SHAMS at that time. I will appreciate if you give soome comments about this Oh yes, last but not least, I you want to exchange the link with me, just mention it in the shoutbox.

p/s: Pardon my grammar mistakes (^^;)
p/ss:This blog will idle untul 17 September 09
p/sss: Give comment about my new template
p/ssss: Salam Ramadan (^_^)

Aug 24, 2009

SPM Trial09 schedule

Just a quick update..

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I will rewrite them if I have time. For now, I just scan them. Hope you all (and me too) will be ready to face this coming examination! Hasta manana!

Aug 20, 2009

Sistem Penilaian Kokurikulum

Kepada sesiapa yang menduduki Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia tahun ni dan berminat untuk mengira markah kokurikulum masing-masing bolehlah memuat turun slide di bawah ni.

Kredit diberikan kepada Encik Nordin Bin Mohd Radzi dari Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor yang menyediakan slide ini.

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Sila Klik Sini untuk muat turun
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