Aug 16, 2013


It was the time for Dhuhr prayer when we arrived at Terminal 4s, Barajas International Airport in Madrid. Since Spain is non-muslim country, we thought that finding a mosque here would be very difficult. So we decided to pray at the airport. One of us asked the worker ‘where is the mosque?’ She replied ‘You mean chapel?’ The dictionary in brain instantly translated that word as ‘church’ So, we did not go there, and performed our Dhuhr prayer at some empty space there.

After 9 days holiday here, our next destination is Paris. At the same airport, but different terminal, I saw this signboard.


Notice the crescent shape there? Which means I’m wrong at the first place. Chapel is actually a place of worship and prayer. It is not restricted to church only. They have the prayer room for Muslim, Christian and Jew here.


So what is my point? Although Spain is non Muslim country, but dont think that their airport does not has the mosque. lol. In fact, there are 2 mosque in Madrid which are Madrid Central Mosque and Centro Cultural Islamico (M-30 Mosque). If you are visiting the Real Madrid Stadium, be sure to visit the Madrid Central Mosque. It is just a few metro station away from the stadium. xD

*This post was written a long time ago. #prayforegypt

Feb 25, 2013

Stiching For Dummies

Salam. I write this so that I know what I had already learnt.

1) How to be a surgeon?

A surgeon must has 5 Cs which are:

  • Common sense
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Compassion

2) Knowing about surgical instrument and how to use them.

There are a lot of surgical instrument which comes in various size and shape such as scalpel and blades, surgical scissors, forceps, needle holder etc. A surgeon must possess the ability to use various instrument with both hands. Meaning that he must be able to use it with non dominant hand. This article seems interesting for those who wish to learn about it.

Right - Left Hands

3) Knotting and Stiches

These are the core of this course. I learnt reef knot and granny knot. I also learnt some basic concept of knotting which are two-handed knot, one-handed knot (using non dominant hand) and instrumental knot (which is easier compare to the other knots)

For the stiches, I learnt how to do simple interrupted stiches, vertical and horizontal mattress and continuous stiches.


But, frankly, I think that doing the stiches on real patient is much more difficult comparing on ‘artificial skin’ like above. Overall, this course really useful for me and I hope that everybody had the opportunity to attend it Smile

Jan 8, 2013

Biography Shaykh Hamza

Artikel yang sangat panjang, menceritakan biography Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Apa yang membuatkan saya kagum dengan beliau adalah berkenaan perjalanan beliau menuntut ilmu merentasi pelbagai negara.

Dari Spain ke England. Kemudiannya ke UAE, Algeria dan Mauritania. Di Mauritania, beliau berguru dengan Shaykh Murabbit Al-Hajj. Dari Mauritania kembali ke USA. Kemudiannya barulah beliau menubuhkan Zaytuna Institute.

"From Sheikh Hamid, I learned about the merits of memorization. Although I had studied several texts, and my Arabic was quite fluent by this time, Sheikh Hamid was adamant that without rote memorization, one was dependent upon books and did not really possess knowledge within oneself.

Mauritanians, he told me, distinguish between daylight scholars and nighttime scholars. A daytime scholar needs light to read books to access knowledge, but a nighttime scholar can access that knowledge when the lights are out, through the strength of his memory and the retention of knowledge."

Dalam apa-apa bidang pengajian pun, hafalan sangat penting. Tapi mestilah disekalikan dengan kefahaman agar kita mengerti perkara yang dihafal.

Saya doakan beliau terus gigih dan berterusan menyebarkan dakwah Islam di bumi Amerika Utara.

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Jan 6, 2013


Ada orang beranggapan bahawa belajar di luar negara sangat seronok sebab suhunya sejuk. Tapi seronok ke kalau duduk dalam peti sejuk lebih panas dari dalam rumah?

Ataupun setiap kali nak keluar rumah kena pakai baju tebal berlapis-lapis?

Ataupun setiap masa asyik rasa nak tidur je memanjang?


* Nak cakapnya hari ini sejuk dari biasa je. Smile
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