Sep 26, 2009

Google Reader - Benefits

Well, what is Google Reader? Have you ever heard the words before? Well,Google Reader a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline-wikipedia. It is an useful for you to subscribe the contents of your friends' blogs.

How to use it?

  1. You must have a Goggle account
  2. Go to your friend's blog
  3. Image Hosted by
  4. If you are using Firefox web browser, just click the in the address bar.
  5. Image Hosted by
  6. Select Google and click subscribe now
  7. Click add to Google Reader
  8. Image Hosted by
  9. Tadaaa. Finish
  10. Image Hosted by
In a nutshell, the Google Reader is a very useful application for you if you dont have much time to visit your friends' blog and to know whether they have updated their blog or not. And to make your job easier, just drag the tab to the toolbar.

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p/s: Actually I want to post something about Hari Raya but..but..but..


Qubezo said...

Thanks, really useful.

faresz said...

woi tengok blog ak...

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