Jan 1, 2010

5 Main Reasons Why I Hate Liverpool? Oh no..

Actually, I'm not hating any teams, but this is my reaction towards my friend's post. You have to read his post here first.

1. Rafael Benitez as the manager

- What's wrong with him? I dont want to backup him but under his management, Liverpool won Champion League (2007) and FA Cup (2006). But yes, right now he is having leadership conflict. Sir Alexander "Cheatman" Ferguson? Lol, I also really hate him. Why? Dont know laa, maybe bcoz of his face. I feel like want to kick him.

2. Their fans (at the stadium) always booing at United's member

- If I am at the Anfield Stadium when Liverpool vs Manchester United, I also will do the same thing. Why? Man U think they are strong enough in the Premier League. Think again. Liverpool won Champion League 5 times while Man U just 3. For English League Championship, they share same records which are 18 times.

3. Mascherano and Torres as the player

- Mascherano is not matured? He is captain for Argentina lol. But I admitted that Alonso is better than him. (Dont know why rafa sold him). For Torres, yes, we really proud of him and he is one of the best striker in the world with his superb finishing. For Man U team, I not really like Christiano Ronaldo. Luckily he had gone to Real Madrid.

4. My Liverfool's friends always insults Man United

- Haha, this is my habit lol. Dont know why. Liverpool is worst than united? Read again what I had write just now. Although Man U wins more games than Liverpool (68-Man U, 60-Liverpool), but look at the last five head-to-head fixtures between them. Liverpool won 3 times while Man U just won 2 times. The biggest score is 4-1 at Old Trafford (Old Trafford humiliation huh?). Overall, Liverpool is still better than Man U. Refer here

5. Carlsberg on their jersey

- Not again started next year coz Standard Chartered will sponsors Liverpool's shirt. They offer £20 million per season. So, we can buy the shirt next year. Yay!

Overall, this is my opinion and Manchester United is not the club that I hated much. Just to express my opinion. Like Ryan Giggs said "Liverpool against Manchester United is probably the most famous fixture in English football" Huh? Liverpool and Manchester United only? Where are Chelsea and Arsenal. lol.

But, right now, Liverpool really has crisis. Not in top 4 in EPL and was eliminated from Champions League. Sob2, but I will always support them. Maybe they can win UEFA Europa League next year. :D


MERseYsiders MERy said...

bgus2..bls pnjg ag..dok pon ktuk MU lok

mercAfiq said...

haha, ade gok ak kutuk sket2.. kadang ak defend liverpool je r bnyk.. :D

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