Apr 5, 2008

Bagaimana untuk menyelamatkan telefon bimbit yang basah - Bahagian 2

  1. Jangan masukkan bateri paling kurang selama tiga hari atau lebih lama jika skrin telefon anda berkabus
  2. Cuba buka telefon anda jika boleh. Anda mungkin memerlukan pemutar skru TORX untuk itu, dan memang berbaloi. Ini mungkin merosakkan waranti telefon tapi kerosakan akibat air sememangnya telah merosakkan waranti tersebut.
  3. Sememangnya dijangka terendam ke dalam air akan merosakkan bateri telefon namun kebiasaannya telefon tersebut tidak mengalami kerosakan.

# Don't heat the battery or it could leak or explode.Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive. If you use an oven or hairdryer, make sure to remove the battery first.

# If you use alcohol make sure to do so outside, and do not apply heat in any form, not even the gentle heat of a monitor. Do not hook up the battery till the alcohol smell dissipates.

# Do not apply too much heat to your phone, as mentioned above. You don't want to melt or burn your phone.

# Most modern phones have more than one liquid damage indicator (stickers that change color when wet) on them, only one visible to you (and sales/technician agents), and chances are, if the sticker under the battery is triggered, then the odds are that the internal stickers you can't access are tripped as well. This will still result in you paying a voided-warranty fee in the long run. Warranties don't cover water damage, insurance does. And not all insurance companies or plans will honor water damaged phones.

# Even if all these steps are followed, minerals dissolved in the water can precipitate on solder and component pins, causing corrosion or shorting. Components pins are packed so closely together in a modern cell phone that even a small encrustation can create a short, rendering the phone inoperable.

# Be warned that manufacturers place stickers that will display "void" once peeled and some will change colors in the presence of a liquid (usually turns blue or red). This helps techs know that you have dropped it in the water, as most cell phone insurance coverage policies don't cover water damage. Also note that these stickers have been known to change colors in extreme humidity as well.

# Do not put the phone (or any electronic or metal-containing object) into the microwave. You will destroy electronic components and potentially the microwave.


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