Apr 5, 2008

Things that we must do before buying phone

If you want to buy a phone, do these few things:

  • Check for sirim sticker (this is a MUST. Everyone should know this).
  • Cross check IMEI numbers on the phone and the box
  • Ask for warranty card.
  • Ask if the warranty card needs to be sent to wherever necessary.
  • Check all the features of the phone (iow, play with the phone, make sure everything is working).
  • Check for dead pixels.
  • Check the firmware if possible (*#0000# for most nokias). This way, you can check if it's old stock or not.
  • And of course, make sure you get the propper set. As in nothing missing like the handsfree and stuff.

Btw, watersets are usually sold without accesories, only phone and charger. So sometimes if you add up buying the accesories elsewhere, it might cost near the same as buying a proper set


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