Apr 30, 2010

The Elegant Hijab

The pea is a splendid plant. It proudly displays its strong green hijab. It protects it from the hot and cold weather and guards it from insects. Allah has blessed the pea with a special hijab, because without it, the seed would scatter, dry up and die.

The orange keeps itself within its shiny orange hijab to protect its delicious and tasty fruit. Otherwise, it loses it taste too.

So do the banana, the coconut and the pomegranate. Each one has an elegant and unique hijab, which protects it from diseases and destruction.

The white and mighty pearl has been given a tough and rugged hijaboyster shell. It protects the pearl from sea animals and keeps it 'sparkling and shining' inside.

HOWEVER, the most beloved of Allah in all His creation is the ' Muslim Girl' who wears hijab. She knows it as a gift from Allah. It protects her from harm and danger insyaAllah. She wears it knowing it gives her dignity, beauty and respect. So precious she can be that she hides herself beneath her hijab.

It is an honour to wear hijab. A hijab for a Muslim woman is like a crown on the head of a true princess. It gives her dignity and respect like a strong velvet case. A Muslim girl is so precious. So, cover up. I love you for the sake of Allah.

Credit to Al-Ikram Yunus (3AIM) and Majalah An-Nur 2009
Retyped by me


Anonymous said...

alhamdulilaah...i realy like it masha allah may god bless us...:)

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