Apr 18, 2011

The final exam


Here is the schedule for the coming final examinations for the first year. Basically, there are 3 types of examinations which are practical, written and oral.


Physiology: 30 April
Biochem: 3 May
Histology: 8 May
Anatomy: 22 May


Physiology    : 7   Jun (10a.m-1 p.m)
Histology       : 15 Jun (10a.m-1 p.m)
Biochemistry: 22 Jun (10a.m- 1p.m)
Anatomy       : 30 Jun (10.a.m-1p.m)
English         : 5   July (10 a.m-1p.m)

The oral examination is between the written examination. Since I’m not really do well in the mid year examination, I really have to give my best for the final examination. Ma’a taufiq wa an-najah fi al-imtihaan.


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