Dec 15, 2011




If you are playing counter strike, one of the commonly feared weapon is this, the magnum sniper rifle ( or AWP). It is the best one-shot-kill weapon in the game. Use this weapon, shoot at any part of the opponent’s body, and it will cause fatality towards the opponent. But of course, you must have proper skills in using this sniper rifle as it is very damn expensive weapon. Player usually pairs this weapon with Dessert Eagle. ( AWP is for long range while Dessert Eagle is for short range)


For the submachine gun, MP5 is a standard choice. This type of weapon is also used by the Royal Malaysia Police. Well, this weapon is affordable, and that's why player often choose this weapon, but this weapon is certainly not the best.



About the rifle, if you are playing as the Counter Terrorist, the M4A1 Carbine (Colt) is a favourite. It is extremely accurate, and does not has the accuracy problem like AK-47 which is a favourite weapon for Terrorist. AK-47 is a hard weapon to use well, but is very accurate when used properly and also can be a deadly weapon.  

Well, why I post about the CS stuff? Because this game is a part of my childhood and how I become addicted to this game. I played since I was in primary 4. But now, I’m not really good and skilful compare to that time. The best part is when you can kill opponents using AWP one by one but they cannot find you or when they shoot you, they suddenly die.

The Counter Terrorist and Terrorist have their own missions in this games. Depending on the maps, the missions are rescuing the hostages, defusing bomb, escorting the VIP etc for the Counter Terrorist while for the Terrorist are preventing the hostages from being rescued, bombing strategic places and, killing the VIP etc. But the easiest and common way to end the mission is killing all the opponents and you and your teammates will win the game.



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