Mar 15, 2012

Photo Competition


First time I submitted this photo to this competition, it was rejected because my friend said that I myself must snap the photo. So I told him one that snap the photo is really me. The picture was taken at Pantai Batu Buruk, just about 3km from my house. I like to be here because its ambience is really peaceful.

I enjoyed watching the sea and also observing what people did here. Some people prefer to picnic here because the place is less crowded. Other people played football, fishing, having ‘usrah’ etc. Looking at the sea can make me feel calm especially on a stressful day. Certainly, this is one of my favourite spot to hang out while eating the food that I bought from night market. Here are some pictures of this place.

DSCF9330 I think that is Pulau Kapas

DSCF9331The reason why people called this place ‘Batu Buruk’

DSCF9332Salty water 1

DSCF9333Salty water 2

So, what is Bulan ABC? Basically, it is a month that encourages us to read a lot especially non-medical books. Only people who read can feel the happiness of reading and it is good to share the spirit of reading with the others. This is one of the effort to encourage people to read.

And photo competition is one of the component of this month. Its theme is ‘ A Book A Day, Keeps The Mind At Play’. At first I think that my quote does not fulfil the theme, but when I rethink again, it actually fits the theme. Because al-quran is noble book for Muslim that we must read it everyday.

One more thing that I realize is that to beat the quality of a digital single lens reflex photo is almost impossible because a DSLR camera is designed to take beautiful photo Open-mouthed smile If you want to take beautiful photo, then buy a DSLR. xD


leyaaaa said...

sebelum ni taktauu punn orang panggil pantai batu burok sbb batu tu!

nice photo btw~

Afiq Fadhli said...

yerp, kata orang lah. :)

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