Mar 18, 2012

Spring time


Some people said that there is no spring in Egypt. They have only winter and summer here. But, during the transitional period between winter and summer, there are some noticeable events that occur. First, Fajr prayer time becomes early and Isyak prayer time becomes late. Like now, Fajr is at 4.37 a.m. while Isyak is at 7.22 p.m. The earliest time for Fajr is during summer which at 3.07 a.m. (If I am not mistaken)

Spring also had been associated to the idea of rebirth, renewal and regrow especially plants. To be frank, I’m not really sure whether there were flowers here or not during winter but during spring, you can see them budding and grow into beautiful flowers. Here are some flowers that I snap at my school.

Trivia: Can you name the flowers below?










Some tips here. If you are going to shoot closed object, change the focus of lens into macro mode. It will give you sharp and well focused pictures. Lastly, do you know that hibiscus can live well here? Smile


This picture was taken in Taba, Egypt’s most eastern part. Near this town is border for 3 countries which are Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. =)


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