Apr 21, 2012

2 Books

This post was written in March. In April, I dont do the reading. sigh~


There are some information that I gain from these books.


1- They do not teach financial management at school yet it is one of the vital skill in life. There is one interesting quote from the book:

"Because students leave school without financial skills, millions of educated people pursue their profession successfully, but later find themselves struggling financially"

2- Before this, I learnt that things such as 'house' should be put under 'asset' but the author stated that it is not under the 'asset' but it is under the 'liability' column. Why? Because we cannot generate money from it, but we still have to pay the taxes for that house. Of course, this is not accurate in accounting.

3- The books also teaches about making investment. People likes to play safe in making investment rather than play smart. And of course, as a Muslim, the investment must be free from 'riba'

(Some people criticizes this book, while other people likes it)


The book tells the story of a shepherd who wants to pursue his dream. He travelled from Spain to Egypt to seek the most wonderful treasures known to man. Magical and spiritual element are involved in this story and I am not really understand about them. This book is one of the international bestseller and Paulo Coelho is very famous. But still it didn't catch my attention. Perhaps I should read his other books Smile


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