Apr 30, 2012

Random thoughts


Some random things that crossed my mind lately.

1. Exam is just around the corner. So here is the schedule of the exam.

Practical exam:
Biochemistry- 24/4
Physiology- 2/5
Histology- 3/5
Anatomy- 17/5

3/6- Physiology
11/6- Biochemistry
23/6- Anatomy
30/6- Histology
10/7- Behavioural Science

5/6- Physiology
12/6- Biochemistry
25/6- Anatomy
2/7- Histology

exam final

2. I like these photos. More important, their messages.


(Ada kaitan dengan kuliyah ustaz hasrizal di bawah)

3- Found this blog from here. Yes, I just know today. She is an American who resides in Cairo. To be frank, I like to read or follow the blog whose author share his/her experience about the life because I can learn something from it. Also, some of the authors were studying in Al-Azhar.

4- There is no term ‘forever alone’ actually because Allah is always with us. 


5- Can someone suggest good English reading materials to me? Because it is very hard to find good Malays book here in Cairo.

6- I don't know why some people are so paranoid with the word ‘BERSIH’ especially in Egypt compare to the other countries.

7- Oh yes, Makes Me Strong is really awesome. =) My friend said that this is not a new song. They only make a new video clip for it.


Nadzirah binti Ahmad aka aNA said...

salam dik

Bittaufiq wannajah :)

NaDWaN said...

gudluck kawan! :)
Allah bersamamu.

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