Jul 27, 2012

Obstructive jaundice and Angiography


Unit 27- Surgery Department

Dr. Ahmed asked us what we can observe on this patient. I answered “yellowish”. Then he asked the cause of yellowish. The only thing in my head was obstructive jaundice. He started to ask the causes of this disease. There was only one cause that I know which I memorize for the sake of examination which is cancer head of pancreas.

He then kindly explained the causes. He said there are three causes which are something that block inside the lumen of the duct (eg: gallstone). I forgot the second one. The third one is something that compress the lumen such as cancer head of pancreas.

Then, we managed to watch him assist in angiography procedure. Angiography is medical imaging technique used to visualise inside the lumen of vessels.

File:Herzkatheterlabor modern.jpeg

The angiography suite looks like the picture above. Since x-ray involved, we should protect ourselves by wearing the lead apron which is quite heavy while had to stand up for about 2 hours.

The surgeon also explained to us about what he did and the about the things he use. He said, to access the radial arterial, there are 2 approaches used. The first one is by Para cutaneous approach. The first method failed. So he used the second one. He made a small incision at the wrist. Then the procedure began. It lasted for about 2 hours.

One thing I learnt about the surgeon. To be a surgeon, you must able to stand up for a  long period of time and stay focus to do the procedure and I don't think I want to be a surgeon.


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