Oct 1, 2014

Responsibility As a Muslim

All of us are required to learn the Fard 'Ayn (that which relates to tasks every Muslim is required to perform). This means:

1. A sound and basic Aqida/Creed – with a proper commentary. This is to give you the baseline understanding to know what you mean when you say “God” (without anthropomorphism and literalist ideas).

2. A basic Fiqh

- Purification- including tahara, najasa, how to clean yourself, etc.

- Prayer – It’s pillars and what is fard, mandub, sunna etc.

- The rules of Fasting

- The Zakat and how to pay it, what to pay it on, when it’s due

- The rules of Hajj that you make once in your lifetime

3. What relates to whatever you are doing (your trade or profession). Ex: If you’re a physician, you have to know appropriate knowledge of that trade. If you are a merchant, you need to know the rules of buying and selling. If you are getting married, you need to know the rules of nikah and relations.

4. Finally, enough tazkiya to purify your heart of the internal things that Allah has prohibited. You should know how to purify your heart from what spiritually ails it. You must know how to treat these spiritual diseases.



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