May 23, 2008

[ebooks]Color Management for Digital Photographers For Dummies

Product Description
  • Shows digital photo enthusiasts how to ensure that the color in an image file is accurately represented and reproduced, from camera or scanner to monitor or printer
  • Packed with color management solutions that will help novices create picture-perfect images
  • Discusses the main components of color management including understanding light, matching digital images to displays and prints, working with color spaces, calibrating a printer, and using color management tools
  • Familiarizes readers with the various color management tools that help calibrate consistent picture quality

From the Back Cover
Here's your key to perfect color in digital images

Fine-tune brightness, contrast, and tone with Photoshop® Elements and these tips

Shooting great photos is only half the battle—tweaking the details in your digital darkroom makes the difference between so-so images and spectacular ones. This book is packed with examples to guide you through understanding color basics, correcting brightness and contrast, getting the exact tone and hue, and creating perfect prints—in full color, of course!

Discover how to

  • Build a viewing booth
  • Create and apply color profiles
  • Use adjustment layers to correct contrast
  • Achieve great-looking skin tones
  • Save money with accurate soft proofs



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