Mar 20, 2011

After Holidays

This should be posted on Friday 12 March 2011.


Alhamdulillah, so here I am, at Egypt, again after about one month holiday at my beloved Malaysia. Truly, the unplanned holiday was the best for some of us especially to those who are in first year or to those who never return to Malaysia since they went to Egypt. Yesterday, which is on Thursday, we went to Etisalat Maadi to do some business. On the way there, we met a group of Arab people. One of them asked us,

“ mish khaifiin?” (All of you dont afraid?)

We didnt answer to that question and went away just like that. I guess that they thought us afraid and ran away to Malaysia during the crisis in Egypt. Then, after finishing our business at Etisalat Maadi, we went to buy the vegetables at Mounira. The seller says,

“ duktuur, kullukum geet hena?” (All of you had came to Egypt?”)

While asking that, I can see the joy and happiness from his face because the can gain the profit again. I can said that Malaysian had contribute something to increase Egypt’s economy. For example, all of us have to make visa to stay here and the visa is only valid for one year. To make the visa, we have to pay LE 83.10. There are more than 10 000 Malaysian at Egypt, so if all of us make visa, they will get about LE 831 000 per year. Besides visa, there are other things such as universities’ fees, daily things, vacations, public transports and others.

So after the Egyptian Revolution 2011, what are the changes in Egypt? Well, before the revolution, the seniors always reminded us no to talk about the politics in Egypt and we cannot talk about the ex-president in the public. His name was just like he-who-must-not-be-named I guess. I mean we cannot even mention his name in public such as in taxi!

But now, not anymore, even the lecturer told us about the Egyptian revolution and he also mentions that the ex-president should give the power to the young people like us. For the environment, I see some changes such as certain places look more clean than before. We all know that the changes of a country cannot be done in a day and it will take some time to see a lot of good changes. =)

p/s: Today, while I was walking to go to Abu Rish bus station, an Arab girl aged around 7 years old shook my hand and said “ welcome”. LOL. I guess the kids still does not change.


Aku_Insan said...

just like voldermort aye? hehe

have fun afiq,,may Allah be with u

Tok Esah said...


kene kutuk dop staram!!
bereh pe.. smoga selamat duk dinung!!

Afiq Fadhli said...

Pulloh: yes, mmg macam voldermort. Thanks pulloh

Kucer: xdop r kene kutuk, tp cam ye nganjing r.

btw, maren ade pengundi samada rakyat setuju atau tidak utk ubah perlembagaan.

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