Mar 12, 2011

An Evening Story


At one evening, at a grocery, while I was drinking Mirinda, a girl aged around 5 years old talked to me.

The girl: enta walad? (Are you a boy?)

Me: Ehh? (What?)

The girl: enta walad? (Are you a boy?)

Me: Laa’ ana rogeel. (No, I’m a man -with proud. LOL) Enta bent? ( Are you a girl?)

The girl: Laa’ enta waladd! (No, you are a boy!)

The conversation ended just like that because her sister took her home. I just wanna say here that one of the way to improve the skills of speaking Egyptian Arabic is by talking to the kids because they talk not so fast and we can understand what they say.

p/s: I guess she don’t want to admit that she is the girl because I use enta instead of enti. Smile Enta is use for boy while enti is used for girl.


Aku_Insan said...

i have only this to say:


Afiq Fadhli said...

haha, sian ke aku op? nk wak gane ahu agi nk improve arabic. T.T

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