Feb 11, 2010

Method to purchase at forum


Today I would like to share the ways to purchase things from forum. Usually I buy at Lowyat and Malaysianbikers. These are several items that I bought:

From Lowyat

  • 2 units Kingmax Super Stick 4GB and 1 unit Kingmax U-Drive 4GB from Alvin Goh
  • USB Home Plug Adapter from ngbh
  • Maxtor Basic 640GB 3.5'' external hard disk from yoongkeen
  • Sony NWZ-S639F 16GB Black mp3 video player from fx2800

From Malaysianbikers

  • Stromberg power booster from hasanal
  • 2 units Xena XR1 disklock and Fieldsheer air pro from David Choo

How to buy?

  1. Decide which item you want to buy.
  2. Compare the prices between the sellers (use PM- private message)
  3. Try to negotiate with the seller.
  4. After you agree with the price, bank in the money into the seller's account. (WARNING: Buy the item from the seller that you think you can trust. Why? How? See below)
  5. Send PM to the seller your name, address and phone number.
  6. Wait for the seller to send the item to you.
  7. The postman/courier-man send the item to you.

Trust seller?

Well, this is the main issue when you are buying things online. I already bank in into somebody's account many times and can I confirm that he will send the item to me? The answer is easy. You must check the seller's reputation before making a deal.

  • Check his previous customer's feedbacks

  • Check his successful deal list

Meaning here, if his customers give credit to him ( positive feedback) and he truly sends the item to his customer ( successful deal list), he can be trusted and there is less probability for him to cheat you.

In a nutshell

Buying from the forum can be fun, but sometimes it can be pain. I personally but from the forum because some item that I bought was much cheaper than in Terengganu and I cant find the item at Terengganu. So, if you want to ask me something about this, I am ready to hear it. Just drop the comment. Also here is the other tips from

p/s: I guess I need to change this blog's template.


AhMad_AyiN said...

ade dop feedback yg die sndiri buat? who knows? =p

mercAfiq said...

persoalan, larat ke dia nak nyamar jadi customer n post kat thread ye tu?

kalu ye larat pon, camner plak ngan total post kat forum? xkan seme orang post count ye same je.

AhMad_AyiN said...

kalu org nk duit haramly, mcm2 diorg bleh buat. haha. btw, juz asking.

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