Feb 18, 2010

A nice song by Talib al-Habib =)


Recently, I just listened to this song. That song is Rahma by Talib al-Habib. It is really a nice song and I like this song on the first time I listen to it (thanks to Saefullah for promoting the link at Facebook). For you information, this song focused on a hadith. Here is the hadith:

The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said,

The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Have mercy to those on earth, and the Lord of the Heavens will have mercy upon you.

عن عبد اللَّه بن عمرو رضي الله عنهما قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله
عليه وسلم: الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن، ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في

But I dont know who is Talib al-Habib. I bet some of you dont know him too. To be frank, the western nasheed artist that I know are Yusuf Islam, Maher Zain and Sami Yusuf only(I guess).

Who is Talib al-Habib?

Talib al-Habib was born in London in 1976 and grew up in Manchester, before moving to South Africa with his family for a ten year stay. It was here that he met his spiritual guide and began traversing the path of traditional Islam - the methodology of uniting the practical, intellectual and experiential facets of religion - under his instruction. He later returned to the UK in early 2002.

His distinctive style of inshad arises from a ten year childhood association with the Manchester Boy’s Choir, where he received vocal and technical training.

He began composing spiritual poetry and songs at the age of sixteen, and has continued to do so ever since. In early 2004, he was encouraged to compile a collection of English-language spiritual songs, which has culminated in ‘Songs of Innocence,’ an intensely personal journey into the experiential dimensions of Islam. He is also an author of three books of Islamic spirituality and ethics.

Talib has been a student of the sacred sciences for several years, which he pursues both through the traditional method of sitting with a shaykh, as well as through more contemporary approaches. He hopes to one day continue his studies at the classical centres of learning. Talib al-Habib is a takhallus (pen-name) meaning, ‘seeker of the beloved.’ Currently, he lives in the West Midlands, where he practises as a Medical Doctor specialising in Psychiatry. He is married with two young daughters. (source= Nur al-Habib)

Yes, he is a doctor and at the same time, he is also a singer.

His Albums

1) Songs of Innocence - 2004

Songs of Innocence is a collection of eight original English-language songs from Talib al-Habib. Its subject matter has been aptly described as, 'love of Allah, love of his Prophet, love of teacher, love of family, and love of mankind.' Adapted from a series of poems composed over ten years, they were set to music in a six month period following Ramadhan 1425, in response to the encouragement of several nasheed artists. Talib drew on his childhood experiences of choral singing in arranging the songs, and utilised the daff for percussion after consultation with recognised scholars of traditional Islam.

The Songs:

Salat al-Badriyya
Songs of Innocence
Hayya 'ala-salat
Beloved Nabi
Gift of Life
Ya Habibi Sayyidi

2) Rahma -2006

An anthology of exquisite nasheeds based entirely on Hadith, that will inspire the soul to contemplation of Allah and love of Islam. This album is an invaluable educational resource, introducing children to the sayings of the blessed Prophet (saws) through song an invaluable educational resource, introducing children to the sayings of the blessed Prophet (saws) through song.

The Songs:

Light of the Dawn
Rahma - the Hadith of Mercy
Tasbih - the Seedlings of Paradise
Tauhid - Unity
Knowledge is Light
Iman - the Articles of Faith
Hilya - a pen-potrait of the Prophet(s)
Kalimatan - The Seal of Bukhari

3) Song of the Wayfarer

Talib al-Habib's eagerly awaited new release, Song of the Wayfarer is an epic album based around the concept of the journey to Allah. With the anthemic 'al-Habib', classic 'Qasida Burda' and the heartwarming 'Songs of Experience' (written as a response to 'Songs of Innocence'), it is sure to become as widely loved as Talib's other releases.

The Songs:

The Ascension
Travelling Light
Songs of Experience
al-Burda - the chapter of the Mi'raj
The Return

I dont know whether they sell this album here ( in Malaysia) or not. If you want to listen to his songs, just go to youtube or if you want to listen to demo version of this song, just click here.


I want to do a project. InsyaAllah, I will to choose some of his songs and burn it on cd as audio cd. Then, I will distributed the CD for those who wants. I will start this project after I have finished my English course at TLC.


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